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Travel with Me - Portland, Oregon on Film

"I'm in love with cities I haven't been to, and people I've never met." 

I'm enamored by the beauty, people, and food of Portland! I was pleasantly surprised with her plethora of thrift boutiques, offbeat art, and relaxed culture. I've heard so much about this little city by the water but have only recently had the joy of exploring it with my partner. A goal of ours is to travel to every state in the united states within the next two years before we go abroad. Essentially, we want to travel the world, slowly but surely. This time around, instead of bringing a digital camera I went completely analogue // mad // rogue in an attempt to capture the few moments that meant the most. I limited myself with just one roll of film, and I had to ask myself ... "Do I love it? I absolutely love what's before me right now enough to take this exposure?" So here you have it....this is a roll of film of all the things I LOVED from Portland, Oregon. Next stop, New York City. 

All photos taken on the Minolta SRT 101 with Portra 400 film developed and scanned by Montclair Photo Lab.