Puppy Love

Happy First Birthday to Koba-Pie!

Yes, I'm THAT type of doggy owner...though I humanize my dogs far too much for their own good and mine, I just couldn't help myself when Koba's first birthday came around. On June 9th, Koba turned one years old. He came into my life 9 months ago and has just been my greatest most constant companion. I love his laser focus determination when it comes to food, his eagarness to love everyone, and his sweet sensitivity to all of my emotions. This is a meat "cake" I made for him that he reluctantly shared with his younger brother Cooper. Oh, and check that garland out. . . LOL 

Cake Recipe by geniuses, 17Apart.

Growl Meow Wine Festival 2015 - East Bay SPCA

As an avid dog lover, cat cuddlier, and general lover of doing good for the community, I was very honored to participate as a committee member in my second annual Growl Meow Wine Festival. The goal of this fundraiser is to raise thousands to support the East Bay SPCA's mission in preventing overpopulation of dogs and cats and helping those in need to find loving forever homes. Dogs like Trout for example, who look at all who walk by his little room with such loving eyes and eagerness to befriend people is why I volunteer with the East Bay SPCA. Everyone deserves a loving home, especially these pups.