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Cross Shoot with Linda Tran Photography and Yasmin Roohi Photography - Little Film Lab

I am so excited to share a very fun photography cross session with two very talented artists, Linda of Linda Tran Photography & Yasmin of Yasmin Roohi Photography. We shared laughs and stories, geeked out over our love for vintage film cameras, and took turns being in front of and behind our cameras at this gem of a coffee house Hana Haus in Palo Alto. The result? Gorgeous images developed and scanned by Little Film Lab

jenny soi photography
Image by Linda Tran Photography
Image by Linda Tran Photography
Image by Linda Tran Photography
Image by Yasmin Roohi

When I'm in front of a camera, I have a tendency to laugh closest companions will also let you know how coffee obsessed I am. Therefore, all these photos just make perfect sense to me! I think it's incredibly important to practice photography in front of the camera as well as behind. This experiment taught me to balance letting myself be myself and staying conscious of my posture and body language. I love these timeless photos infinitely so. 

Yasmin Roohi

Yasmin is a triple threat talent. She is a photographer, graphic designer, & I'm just going to say it...a fashionista. She has impeccable style & taste, maybe it has something to do with her being from Italy? I love her red hair, calm demeanor, and sweet personality. I admire her calm approach in front & behind the camera so very much and cannot wait to see more of her work develop as she dives into the love of film. Interesting intersecting story by the way... she too worked at a nonprofit for years in a development role before transitioning to becoming an artist full time. It's really amazing to know that we are not alone. Yasmin's a gem! Check out her work on

Linda Tran photography

Linda is a fine art photographer with such a strong talent & versatility to create images from romantic one day to conceptual art echoing moody & edgy vibes the next. She is in my eyes, the ultimate photography guru-gal with an infectious passion for life. I love her take-charge / girl power attitude in front of the camera. In our short time together, she's taught me about just about a million and one things about photography & life. Check out her work on

All photos were developed and scanned by our favorite lab, Little Film Lab. After our session, we took a field trip over to the lab, where we got to see firsthand how it's all done! We sat around the beloved Frontier scanner and processed it together while we ooohhhh'ed and ahhhh'ed at the gorgeous colors, beautiful tones, and soft bokeh. There's truly nothing else like film and today was a good reminder. Thank you Little Film Lab for keeping film alive & thriving. I can't wait to do this again. 

Jenny Soi is a Fine Art Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer residing in Northern California. For Booking, please contact Jenny at 

Who Inspires Me Wednesday

or what I've delared "Woman (Photographer) Crush Wednesday!" ... I always strive to refine my craft and one of the most effective ways I've found is to learn from those I admire. Elizabeth Messina is one of those artists. I recently picked up one of her books and her giving spirit and incredible airy, light, romantic, and poetic art shines right through. I highly recommend this book for it's beautiful photos, insightful tips, and personable stories to inspire you.  

Stay inspired everyone!