Best of 2015 - Fine Art Film Photographer

I cannot believe 2015 has come to an end and 2016 is here! This past year has been life changing, and humbly, I have never had so many opportunities to practice gratitude and joy while overcoming new challenges. To celebrate, I've compiled a few of my favorite images from this past year. I've also shared three things I've learned as a photographer at the very end of this blog post, if you make it to the end ;) Happy New Year, Lovelies! 

Vivian and Nam-29.jpg

Here are the top three things I've learned as a Photographer in 2015 // For Photographers

1. Vulnerability is power

Every time I share something on to the world, be it my words or images, I am flooded with a million negative debilitating thoughts right before I hit that "share" button but I've come to realized that these thoughts are not only my own. Every artist has them, and I must bypass these numbing thoughts to grow. I am now convinced that the more uncomfortable and vulnerable I allow myself to be, the more opportunities will arise for me to grow. In this coming year, I vow to be unapologetically brave and embrace vulnerabilities as a person, an artist, and a creative-entrepreneur. 

2. Community over competition

I'm not alone and no one should be. Surrounding myself with creatives have never felt so right. I'm so happy to have gotten to know artists who work day in and day out to elevate their work and who aren't afraid to generously share their knowledge with others. They inspire me and make me feel like I am a part of a beautiful community of creativity, acceptance, and support.   

3. The power to choose

It was an enlightening moment when I realized that I actually do have more control than I think on when and how I do my work. Essentially, I realized that it was okay to say no to certain projects to open myself to other opportunities that will mean more to me. Choosing genuine relationships with my clients who share a similar artistic vision as me has made a world of difference this year. Choosing to shut off the computer or put away my phone at a certain time in the day to spend time with my family has also made me a more balanced person. So, go for it, choose what matters to you the most and chase after it.  

I hope that embracing these three elements will bring you much success in the coming year in all that you do. The best is yet to come.