"Fly Away with Me" Themed Bridal Party to Shower Ashley

Every now and then, you meet a kindred spirit that you know will be your life long friend no matter how seldom you see this person. Ashley is just that girl that every one has to like, that's no wonder she had over 30+ girlfriends at her special bridal shower. When I think of Ashley, I think of three things: dessert, florals, and Sanrio. It's just fitting that her bridal shower was just that as well.  I loved the sweet little details of her unique party and it kind of makes me want to...fly away. I can't wait to share the film scans from this one in a couple of days. 

Rehearsal "Bridal Bouquet" made of the paper wrappers, ribbons, and tissues from her gifts!

Cake: Miette Tomboy Cake  // Dress: J. Crew Laser Floral Shifted Dress